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Friday, December 10, 2010

Relaxing at the Mall? I didn't think so...

I honestly have never been an online shopper...until I went to the mall last Christmas! If you want a sure fire way to lose the Christmas Spirit, the mall is the place to go! The chaos started way before I even reached the mall! Lines of cars where waiting to enter the parking lot, slowly inching forward, waiting for their turn at the madness.

Once "on the grounds," finding a parking spot turned into a horrifying cat and mouse game. With my eagle eyes, I would spot a shopper, loaded with bags, coming out of the mall. I would begin following them, hoping for their spot. As they finally made it to their car (and my turn signal had been on for what felt like hours...not to mention other cars honking at me to get moving), the shopper would open up the back and plop their packages down, shut the door, and instead of getting in their car and leaving, they would head BACK into the mall.

This "game" of trying to park would go on for about a half an hour.
It was then time to push and shove my way through the gaggle of teen-agers "hanging out" and not really there to "find the perfect gift for their moms." Strollers filled with gifts rather than babies, would constantly knock into me. Other people seemed to be out there trying to elbow other shoppers on purpose.

Lines were long due to the lack of sales people at every store. And when trying to find the gift I came in for...yeah right...they tell me it was sold out month's ago.

After spending too much money on too many items I really didn't want. And after fighting off hormonal teenagers and cranky shoppers...I make my way back to my car.

At least I try...I can't find it.

So save yourself the online.

And why you are at and MAKE money!

I know Brooke and I keep talking about Ebates...but we do it because we love you! In 2 weeks, I have already earned over $100! If you would like to make your Christmas shopping not only stress free but more affordable...use Ebates! Click here to sign up (you will make $5 just like that after placing any order!)

And remember, if you have already signed up...don't forget to check with the Ebates site when you are shopping online!

Now...relax and start giving!

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