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Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Fit Fridays: Just Do It!

So...did you do it?  Did you make a change?

If you didn't do's never too late to start.  Simply follow this advice from our friends at Nike:


The picture above is me.  It was taken at a women's only half marathon trail race in Virginia in September.   I just been passed by three girls that had been trailing me only moments before.  After seeing them easily slide pass me and head up a steep incline, I felt defeated.  And as I lamented (and took my focus off of the rooty, rocky trail), I tripped, sending my tired body crashing onto the dirty path.  With blood dripping down my leg, pain throbbing from my shoulder and knee, I felt like quitting.

But I started must finish.


With a couple of miles to go, I continued.  The pain went away.  The finish neared. I began to hear cheering.  I saw my husband.  My dear friend cheered.  The finish line was in sight.  I crossed it, tired, bloody and STRONG.

I Just DID it!

What do you want to JUST DO?  What will your get fit goal this week...I want to know. 

Here is my tip:

You need to WRITE down your goal.  By doing this, you become accountable.  So why not leave a comment here...and just like have written it down.  And we can all be accountable together.

Let's all check in next week and see if we DID IT!

My goal:

Lift weights two days.

What is yours?!

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