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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fit Fridays: Don't Go on Changing...

So I am back from Hawaii and boy howdy was it fabulous.  The key to keeping fit is to "don't go on changing" just because of circumstance such as:

A Vacation
The Weather
Sickness (my rule is: fever: no exercise.  chest cold: no exercise. head cold: exercise, headache: exercise)

Just be willing to adjust accordingly.  The day we left for Hawaii, I got up at 6 (I hate getting up early) to get in a run and little lifting session.  Mid way through our vacation, I was required to run an 18 miler.  I am proud to say I did it (but all day it was hanging over my head...while everyone went home to relax, I put on my shoes and did my thang). The day we left for home, I set the alarm for 7, and did my run and took one last swim.

I am not bragging in anyway, I am trying to inspire.  We all have things that come up...but remember to "don't go on changing" or nothing will change.
Exercise for me is a way of life.  I do it everyday (except Sundays) no matter what.  And guess allows me to stay a consistent weight, able to do any activity without too much huffing and puffing and stay healthy!

So while in Hawaii, we rode 26 miles down a winding road from the volcano at 10000 feet (okay that was pretty easy and had minimal cardio value...see picture of our ridiculous helmets), road our beach cruisers to the beach, swam in the ocean and walked a ton.  And while that was all fun...I also continued my running and even swam some laps at the pool.

No worries about gaining weight or getting out of a routine because everything stayed the same!

My sister-n-law, Nikki and brother Mike had a great idea too while we were there.  They shared every meal (when we were out). Not only did they eat half the calories but they saved 50% on their that is hip!

And here we are splitting our calories and money into four equal parts (don't ever forget to hit Costco when on can find gift cards to local restaurants, activities for less and food at the fraction of the cost).
No get to it...and get fit.

1 comment:

Shelese said...

I really liked this post! Thanks Heather. It was very motivating and such common sense.

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