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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: 14 Days of Valentines

As much as I try to make Christmas great for the kids I equally put in as much effort in making Valentine's great for the husband.  I'm on day 7 of the "14 Days of Valentine's".  Today, " True Love gave to me, seven corny love songs on my ipod'!  On Valentine's Day we stay in, not wanting to fight the crowds (and prices) at restaurants, or try to get a babysitter and it has worked out great each year.  I keep a bowl of 14 paper hearts with questions and ahem, suggestions;) ranging from "What is your favorite book" (yep, it seems to change every year), to "Kiss your Valentine".  We each take turns answering them while eating fondue.  I'm really glad we started this tradition when we were first married because truthfully, we would never have had the guts to have started it off now since we have become a couple of old jaded married people and think these kind of antics are for the young and cheesy!  May you have guts this Valentine's to be super lovey dovey and cheesy with your Sweethearts! 

With Love,  Nonnie

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