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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Month of Valentines: Songs for Your Sweetie

Day 26: Songs for Your Sweetie

Remember the days of mixing tapes? I fondly remember sitting by my boombox waiting patiently for my favorite songs to be played so that I could record them off the radio. Times may have changed, but mixed tapes (CDs) are still super special to me. A few years ago Mr. T surprised me with a mix of LOVE songs. I know it's kind of corny, but it was the perfect gift for me. He had included some of his favorite love songs, some of my favorite love songs, and songs that came to mind when he thought of me. I'd list the songs, but that's a tad too personal and let's just say a few of the songs were on the suggestive side and my mom may be reading this. :)

One of the greatest surprises was that he had left it on the seat of my car with a bunch of flowers. It was such a fun and thoughtful little treat to find and it's a gift I highly cherish to this day. Amanda over at Kind Over Matter has created the super witty CD cover pictured above. Go HERE to visit her awesome site and to print your own CD cover.

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