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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does Color Really Matter?

Here is a picture of my brand spanking new racing flats!  Wondering what "racing flats" are?  Well, it means I can eat a little more chocolate and lose the weight in my shoes on race day...ha ha.  They are very light and weigh next to nothing...thus in theory making me faster!

I wanted the bright pink cool.  But unfortunately they didn't have my size.  But after talking to Ian, the manager at the Running Store in Gainesville, VA (and sponsor of a $50 gift card, to the closest guess for my race, BostonforBrittany) he said if I took the BRIGHT orange ones...he would guarantee two things:

1.  I would not be SHOT.
2.  He would give me 25% off.


And as much as color really does matter to me when choosing my running outfits (including shoes), I decided saving $25 bucks was worth it.  Truth be told, I already have a perfect running skirt to match!

So don't hesitate to ask for a little "discount" when shopping, especially when they don't have what you want in stock!

And remember, to stop by my favorite running here to check it out!

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