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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want FREE Samples? Join Sample Showcase

Sample Showcase is a site that offers a box of samples for consumers to try for FREE. There are usually 6-12 samples in each box. I LOVE gathering these samples to use on vacations as well as to add to our 72-hour kits.

Here are the details of the program:

The “Sample Showcase,” to be distributed nationally on a limited basis , is a box of assorted beauty, health and snack food items from multiple consumer packaged goods companies. The boxes will be branded with the Postal Service logo and include the tagline, “A selection of free product samples.”

Another strategy behind the pilot test is making sure that direct mail is the sampling method of choice. The co-op box concept, which allows candy bars to be marketed with skin lotions, for example, is expected to make direct mail sampling more attractive because it allows multiple manufacturers to share in the marketing and postage costs of the program.

I've been told that these go very quickly, so if you are interested fill out the info ASAP. Head over to Sample Showcase to get started and make sure you share the picture if you receive the package.

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