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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Helpful Tips for Printing Coupons

Printing coupons online has become a HUGE convenience! I thought it would be great to highlight just a few good tips for online coupon printing for those of you who may need a little help!

1. Print in Black and White- Print your coupons in black and white. This saves on precious/expensive color ink!

2. Recycle Your Paper - Sometimes it may be that you have only used up a portion of a full sheet of paper while printing out your coupon--reuse it! Turn it over and print one more coupon on the back. Just make sure that the coupons do not overlap.

3. Always Print Two Coupons - Most coupons online allow you to print up to 2 copies! Every now and then you'll come across a coupon that only prints once, but just to make sure always attempt to print it twice by hitting the back button.

4. Print at the Beginning and the End of the Month - At the beginning of each month places like, SmartSource, and RedPlum usually restock/reset their coupons. If there's a coupon you like print it at beginning of the month before it's gone or print it at the end of the month before it goes away. Some coupons will reset the following month, but don't count on it. If you need it, print it.

5. Always print Facebook and other High-Value Coupons RIGHT AWAY!  For those that choose to print Facebook coupons, there are TONS of them! These often don't last long so it's best to print them as soon as you see them! I was able to print two of the Chipotle coupons! Woohoo!

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