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Monday, March 28, 2011

KitchenAid Blender Only $67.75 Shipped from Amazon!

Mr. T and the boys blew out two blenders this weekend. Can you tell we LOVE making smoothies? I did a little researching and found that the Kitchenaid blender had a LOT of great reviews. I also liked that the price was around a hundred dollars. After searching around online I found that Amazon had the blender I was thinking about for $67.75 (regularly 129.99)! I still had $12.07 in credit thanks to Swagbucks. So the blender only cost me $55.78 shipped! I could have waited and applied the $25 Amazon credit that I've already earned from Swagbucks for April, but I was afraid that the price may not be as great in a week or two.  And there seems to always be something I need that Amazon is offering for super cheap.

I'm so thrilled with Swagbucks. I wish I had been using Swagbucks three years ago. Oh well, better late than never.

Don't know about Swagbucks? Check out my post HERE to find out more.

1 comment:

Nonnie said...

One of the best blenders I have seen is the Blendtec Blender. They have them for sale at Amazon, and if you go to you can see everything it will blend. ;0) And if you don't want one....Your husband will love the video's. Enjoy.

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