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Friday, March 18, 2011

Update on New Walmart Coupon Policy

As I mentioned earlier this week, Walmart has updated their corporate coupon policy. They will now apply coupon overage to other items in your cart, “Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.”

I tried it out today and it worked like a charm at one register and was a pain in the neck at another. I ended up going to two registers because I found that I had three more coupons than I originally thought.

The first cashier was super friendly and kind. Don't you just love people like that? She took each of my coupons (and I handed her A LOT) and she didn't bat an eye. Thank you, friendly Walmart Cashier!
The second cashier scrutinized the three coupons I gave her as if I were a crook. She then tried to tell me that she could not take them. I just smiled sweetly and told her to try it and that I had just used the exact same coupons a few registers down. After literally ten minutes, and kindly asking her to please call over a manager, she allowed me to use the coupons.
I ended up spending $3.78 on both transactions and saved $73.78!

 This was all due to overages. Sweet! I would have spent much less, but I forgot to factor in the tax. Drats!
I recommend that you make sure to print the Walmart corporate coupon policy and keep it with if you plan on shopping at Walmart in the near future. When an issue arises, show the cashier the coupon policy. If they still don’t want to follow it, ask for a manager--as I did. If the manager doesn’t want to follow it, contact corporate. To me it seems pointless to have a corporate coupon policy available online, if store managers and cashiers are not willing to follow it.


Me said...

What an awesome deal!
Would you mind sharing what you bought and what coupons you used?

Brooke said...

Here's what I bought:

19 boxes of Gain dryer sheets
($3 coupon--they were $1.87--this was were the overage all came from)

4 Gain Fabric Softeners ($3 coupon)

1 J&J Extra Conditioning Shampoo ($1 coupon)

1 bag fuji apples
4 lg sweet potatoes
1 lg container of raisins
2 pkgs hot dog buns
2 pkgs Peeps
1 egg dye kit

I might be missing something, but I think this was it. For some odd reason I had A LOT of $3 Gain coupons.

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