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Friday, April 1, 2011

Host a Coupon Class...and SAVE!

I just got home from Bloom's Super Double Event...and boy howdy did I get some needed items on the cheap.

Did you know that we offer private coupon classes?  As the hostess, you get the class for free...and a bundle of coupons!  All you have to do is invite your friends over...the more friends you have...the cheaper everyone pays for the class. 

Who doesn't want to save money in this tight economy?!

If you would like to get more information...let us know by sending an email to back to my trip to Bloom's.  I really didn't need any "food" after last week's Harris Teeter Madness. Today I needed some other items:

4-3 pack of Dial Soap
4-2 pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
2-32 oz of Suave for Men
1-Vaseline Lotion
Scott flushable wipes
2-Dove Intensive Repair Conditioners
2-Dove Body Wash
3-packages pancakes
2-packages Hefty cups
2-boxes Ronzoni vegi pasta
1-bottle of Kraft bbq sauce
2-half gal of Smart Balance milk
Frozen Mccain Potatoes
Reynolds wrap
Fruitables Juice Boxes
2 Dove Candy Bars

Total before coupons: $114.16

After coupons: $14.21


Anonymous said...

So you used more than 20 coupons?

Heather said...

Yes. I did. Bloom's lets you use 20 coupons per transaction...I did two transactions.

Anonymous said...

From the front page of the AD:


SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS Limit 20 coupons per visit, per day. All coupons must match products being purchased. Cash back will not be given for transactions where coupon value exceeds amount owed. Price Snipper Kiosk coupons not applicable. $1.99 Friday, April 1st

20 coupons per visit per day. If you are going to teach how to use coupons, you should follow the rules. When people don't, it causes problems for all who do.

Heather said...

Thank you Annonymous for reminding our readers the details of Blooms policy.

Brooke and I follow coupon proceedures and we teach that in our class.

However, in this case, I had spoken with the manager about making two transactions and she approved it.

She rang up both transactions right after another.

And FYI, at last month's super doubles at Blooms, the manager offered to just ring up both transaction in one...she said and I quote,"no worries, I'll ring up all of them together."

So please don't assume we are doing anything "shady" or dishonest.

I have no problem taking opportunities to find out as much as can about each stores policies and proceedures.

I want to give my business to the stores that offer me the best deals, return policies and customer service.

...I think our readers do too...

Leigh Ann said...

Your savings amaze me! $99.95 incredible! Thanks so much for helping me save as well! We need every penny we can get!

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