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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tangled Update...EVEN CHEAPER...$4.74 for Blue-ray/DVD

So I just got back from Target after picking up my copy of Tangled.  I decided to purchase the Blue-ray Combo pack.  It contains both a DVD and a Blu-ray.  It is normally priced at $29.99.  It was on sale for $19.99. I combined both of my coupons (click here to see post referring to these) and paid $10.74

After I send in my $5 Success Rice Rebate, I will have only paid approx. $4.74 (and I got the two boxes of rice last night for under $2).

BTW, the little Golden Book was sold rain checks.


Hilary said...

I thought the Disney rewards coupon was only for the 4 pack bluray... Did they accept it for the 2 disc bluray?

Heather said... coupon has a picture of the 4-disc and the Blu-ray plus DVD on you can buy either one.

Hilary said...

Awesome, thanks. Now to see if target will price adjust?!! :-)

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