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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

$15 Worth of Decorative Nail Shields for FREE shipping!

Save More (yes, another daily deals site) is currently offering NEW Members a $10 Sign up Credit when you use THIS LINK.

Today's deal is.... $15 to Jamberry Nails for just $7!  That means FREE to you and me after our $10 credit, plus shipping is FREE too!!

I am no expert on the latest fads...but I have a couple of teen-agers that seem to keep me up to date.  The latest fashion trend happens to be these decorative nail shields.  My daughter has been asking for them for months.  Today while shopping at Target (getting our sunscreen), I told her she could get some.  Little did I know they cost $9 each (she had two sets in the cart).  Before I could protest, she said she would use her own money.

Not an hour later, I came across this deal!  And for NOTHING, she can get $15 worth of these Jamberry Nails!  Needless to say, we are returning the others tomorrow.

I'll tell you what...I love these wonderful daily deal sites.  There are so many (and they are free to join), that the competition is that means WE SCORE!

So...if you happen to have someone in your household beggin' you for this latest trend...why not get them for free!? Or if you don't want these fancy nails, you can save your $10 credit for another day when you see something else "you gotta" have!

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