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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Story of the Sunscreen

Once upon a time there was a family of 7 who wanted to purchase a brand new bottle of sunscreen. They went to the store and quickly fell in love with so many of the different sunscreens available they couldn't decide which one to take home.  There was the Hawaiian Tropic (which smelled SO good) and then there was the Banana Boat for Kids that had a super high SPF (but didn't smell so "tropical").  Mom liked the 50 SPF lip balm since her lips now look like she "might have been a smoker" in her younger years but thinks the lip wrinkles have come from years of running in the sun (with no protection).  Dad, Ethan and Calvin headed straight for the Aloe to soothe their lovely sunburns (thanks to the SPRAY that DIDN'T work at the beach this past weekend).  Sommer, a teen-ager, wanted the Hawaiian Tropic with sparkly sheen! Both Tate and Ashton wanted the Banana Boat that had a picture of a ball and sand bucket. many choices!

Remember this mom was an EXTREME COUPNER and therefore was willing to let everyone pick out their very own sunscreen desires! She had come to the store with plenty of coupons AND had read the fine print in the Target ad  (and checked out the signs posted right in front of all of the products that were part of the "buy 2 Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic products get a $5 Target Gift card" deal.  She simply pointed to all of the options and each person in the family made their choices.

The basket was filled with everyone's favorites.  No one was left out.  Everyone was happy.

All was well (and completely organized) until it was check-out time. The cashier was sweet.  She started scanning the various sunscreens.  After two rang up...nothing happened. There was supposed to be a "prompt" telling her to give this mother a $5 Target gift card.  She then called over the head honcho, Jenna (who was amazing).  She tried as well...nothing worked. They pulled out the ad.  It was a bit confusing.  So another employee ran over to the aisle that held the sunscreen. She came back with an arm full of products...claiming those were the ones she "had" to buy.  But they didn't want those. 

The line of people started growing.  The couponer wasn't worried...but her family was (maybe even a little embarrassed).  But everyone remained calm (the Target employees were awesome).  They tried various combinations but the $5 gift cards would pop up randomly not making sense with the ad.

So the couponer decided to not get anything and regroup. 

And she wasn't giving up.

She marched back over to the sunscreen and pulled off the various advertisement tags (put up by Target) showing the items she was planning to buy and the deal she should be getting.

She showed them to Jenna (the manager).

They rang up everything again.  The total before everything was $45. 74. Jenna had to manually override everything and gave the couponer a $25 credit (equalling the amount of $5 gift cards she should have received).

The savvy couponer then handed the cashier all of her coupons.  The total started going down quickly.

In the end, after 10 sunscreen products were purchased her final total was $6.53.  And that was less than thecost of just one 50 SPF child's sunscreen!

The line of people went away.  The family saw the mother at "work"...saving real money.  The manager apologized.  The cashier smiled.  The couponer took the names of both employees and plans on letting Target know how great they both were...

And the family has plenty of sunscreen....and they lived happily ever after (although the checkout process did take about 30 minutes of extra time).

The moral of the story:

Know the the ad, have the correct product, the correct coupons...and be sweet.  It is worth it.  And with 100 temps today...REALLY worth it!

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