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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final Thoughts: Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Event

From Heather:

As another amazing week of "Extreme Couponing" comes to an end, I would like to share some of my thoughts.

1. It is important to shop the first day (early) of the sale.  I was there at 6:45 am on Wednesday (with plenty of other couponers) and there were items gone by 7:15.  The free items go quickly.  And although some items were re-stocked throughout the week, many were not.  So be sure to buy free items first (well...not buy but you know what I mean :)

I talked to plenty of people who wish they had been able to purchase Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Popcorn and Cooking Oil.  The Worcetershire, Hot Sauces, Mahatma Rice and Fiber One yogurts, once gone, never resurfaced.

2.  On average, I spent about $5 per day (saving from $55-$75).  It brings me great joy to pull a little 5 dollar bill out of my wallet and pay for quite a few groceries.  I admit, I love pulling a quarter out even more...but that wasn't the case on average for this week of fun.

3.  I find myself walking past my pantry/fridge/freezers a few times each day and smiling.  As our family heads out for our annual camping/beach trip this weekend, there are few items I will need to purchase!  We are set with sausage, eggs, paper products, snacks, cups, drinks, cereal, lunch meat...woot, woot!

4.  I love Harris Teeter.  I love couponing.  I love saving HUGE amounts of money on things I have to buy...

5.  My favorite finds this week:

Lunch Meat
Italian Ice
Cheerios, Kix, Honey Nut and Total
Zone Bars
Solo Cups
Eggo Waffles
Fruit Snacks
Candy (I do love candy)
Dasani Water
Nestle Chocolate Milk
Sugar (all types)

I spent this week: $60.40 and SAVED $527.15

Brooke and I both look forward to sharing some of our secrets tomorrow in our next Hip to Clip coupon class. If you would like to sign up for our upcoming class being held on Monday, June13, email us at hiptoclip(at)gmail (dot)com.

From Brooke:

I agree with everything that Heather mentioned above. One thing I would add is to not count out venturing to other stores during a coupon promotion week. I ran down to the Harris Teeter on 28 two different days and found both the yeast and popcorn in stock each and every time.

Here are my totals for the week:

I spent $43.89!
I saved $500.66!

That's some serious pocket change!

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