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Monday, May 23, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: 'Moments' Jar

Several years ago I heard a song on the radio that talked about wishing for a jar she (the singer) could keep all the special moments of her life in and open them to relive the joy after those moments had long passed.  I thought to myself, 'Well I could have a 'Moments' jar easy peasy!'  And so my 'Moments' jar began.  I went and bought a mason jar cut strips of paper up and stuck them inside (I've since made them a little nicer as I give them as gifts:).  Each time something special happens in my life or my children say something funny, profound, or down right adorable I take out a strip of paper, write down the date and the 'moment' if you will.  I have thoughtful things my husband has said or done (the trick is not to make it a journal entry, just a one sentence recap).  I've written down, wordless 'moments' that I just wanted to take in, "April 12, 2008.  Morgan playing in the rain, splashing in the puddles, smiling and squealing with delight."  Boom, there you have it, a Moment.  Last week's Moment, "May 18, 2011.  Warren.  "Noone bothered to tell me what the definition is of a Nonfiction book."  Have fun collecting your 'Moments' in life, they are here and gone before you know it, cherish them! 

With Love, 

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