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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heather and Brooke's Harris Teeter Run #1

This morning was a smashing success! 

Is it tomorrow yet?

From Heather:
I came home with $115.23 worth of groceries.

I spent $14!

From Brooke:

I came home with $105.05 worth of groceries.

And I spent $15.86!

Heather beat me this go around. :)

That means together we spent $29.86 and saved $190.87!

Let us know how you did.


Megan said...

I spent $17.18 and home with $67.78 worth of groceries :)

Christina said...

ok - been to the meetings, clip coupons, work hard but still not measuring up - how do you decide which coupons to use, and know what will end up free before you go? Please help!
Love you guys - such an inspiration!!

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