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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heather's Deal of the Day: BLOOM...made $10!

Today I am OVER THE MOON...for Bloom! I am totally loving the Super Doubles promotion every Tuesday in June at Bloom.  Thank you Bloom for making my deal of the day one of my best yet!

I made 4 transactions.

The Bloom policy states, "Limit 20 coupons per visit."  As I was ringing up my order this morning, I asked the manager to explain in detail what this meant for his store.  He told me we could only use 20 coupons per transaction but if I wanted to load my car and come back, I could use 20 I did just that.

Remember to always know your favorite store's coupon policy.  And it is also important to realize that every store is different.  I am never afraid to ask.

Today I saved:


And spent:


(and actually made $10 because I realized I had forgotton to hand over a few crumpled up coupons that were deep down in my pocket. I went back to the manager and he gladly gave me back $10 in cash)

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