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Monday, June 13, 2011

Heather's Deal of the Day!

With all five of my children in school all day (Go BROOKE...the amazing home schooling mom!), I have plenty of time to "be-bop" around town. Although I don't make a habit of spending my entire day driving (and wasting gas) around for little deals, I do plan my day in a way that allows me to "pop" into a store for a deal that I want as I am out and about town.

Today's deal comes in the form of COUPONS!

 I consider myself a pretty nice person. I love to chat with those I encounter throughout my day.  One stop I make frequently is to a gas station to pick up a free soda (from a discount card I purchased a few years ago...for a great deal on car washes and other treats). The owner and I have become friends and will chat while I am getting my soda.  Last week we were discussing coupons after I had asked him if he had any left over Washington Posts (I was searching for a certain coupon I needed).  He told me, "Heather, just stop in on Mondays and I will give you my extra papers from the weekend, I just throw them away!"  Well, today I popped in, he wasn't there, but right on the floor behind the counter was a stack of Washington Posts with my name on them.

I will tell you what, it pays to be nice.

You have to have coupons to save the BIG BUCKS!

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