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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Rest for the Weary...Bloom Super Doubles are Done...until August 1!

Whew and Woot, Woot! Today I heard from management that Bloom Super Double Tuesdays is OVER. In a way I am totally relieved.  No more organizing on Mondays or getting up early on Tuesdays...until August 1 (when they resume super doubles the first of every month).

I feel so organized seeing my shelves completely stocked with everything from toilet paper to Gatorade, pasta to dog food...the last few weeks have been amazing. It feels good knowing we have enough for our needs over the next few months.

I have added up all of my savings and what I spent for everything. Remember I also was able to use $90 in free groceries by participating in the Turn 5 into $15 promotion as well as $5 in are the Grand Totals for 6 weeks of shopping at Bloom:

SAVED: $1771.14
SPENT: $103.03 ( I still have a $15 Catalina for groceries)

Received $30 in movie concessions or $30 in FREE GAS (click here to learn more)...and still haven't opened up 10 other boxes of cereal to get more codes!

Received one $12 movie pass plus 20- $3 off movie vouchers (click here to learn more)...and still haven't eaten all the M&M's to get the others!

Received a Rebate for $10 too (click here to learn more)!

Coupons can save you thousands of dollars...they really can. If  you would like to learn all of the ins and outs to saving, join us for our next class (coming in August)!

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