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Friday, September 16, 2011

$200 in FREE Groceries just for using Harris Teeter Pharmacy!

Did you know if you are a new customer OR transferring a prescription at Harris Teeter's pharmacy, you can get $20 for each prescription you fill (up to $200 BIG ONES)?!


My son is on a medication that he needs refilled monthly. I have been getting them at CVS for $5 (can I tell you they used to be $200 each month until we reached our deductible...then it dropped to a reasonable $30 and just recently they approved a generic pill...only $5...AHHHH!)

I digress...

This week I wondered why in the heck I hadn't thought of trying the prescription at HT (my insurance card said CVS on it, so I figured I had to go there.)


Today I thought I would at least ask (I mean, who doesn't want $200 in FREE groceries...and with a HUGE family like mine...and the winter months ahead of us...think antibiotics..think FREE groceries) to see if we could get the medicine for $5 AND get in on this current deal.


I was thrilled when the pharmacist told me that indeed the prescription was only $5 and we could get a punch card for the $20 for each prescription filled...sold!


When I went shopping today, the $20 immediately showed up as I checked out...actually causing me to have a HUGE overage I wasn't planning on! I had a lovely stack of coupons that tripled giving me a NEGATIVE balance. I was required to grab some much needed produce and a couple gallons of milk and in the end paid a mere, $0.30 for my groceries. Remember they will not give you overage but they will allow you to get the total to 0.

Here are the details:

How do I get my FREE groceries?

Fro each NEW or TRANSFERRED (and their subsequent refills), filled at your local HT through November 30, 2011, your household will be given one $20 electronic coupon to be used on your next transaction of $20 or more. This $20 will automatically be deducted on the next transaction of $20 or more regardless of the number of items purchased. Offer is limited to 10 prescriptions per household.

The coupons expire on December 6, 2011

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