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Friday, September 2, 2011

Late Night with Bloom

I promised my husband I would not shop at Bloom while we were on our beach trip this week.  I had told him it was super doubles on September 1...he said, "Please don't."  I couldn't help but check to see if there was a Bloom in VA Beach (there was) and grab my coupon binder (I can't go anywhere without it).  But I held true to my promise and DID NOT go searching for a Bloom that morning.  I admit I thought a lot about it though!

But as we drove home, stopping at King's Dominion (no crowds, cool weather...perfect), I kept wondering what time my local Bloom closed. I wondered what deals were to be could I not go?!

As we drove up to our house, I casually mentioned to my darling that I might run over to Bloom real quick to see what deals I could find. He looked at me like I was a bit crazy (well...I am).  I wasn't organized at all and figured all of the "good" deals would be long gone...but I just had to take a look.

I checked to see what time they closed...11!  I was relieved, I had a little over an hour to shop.

After gathering up my book and grabbing some coupon inserts I thought might give me the best deals (I am rather UNorganized at the moment...okay, I admit...I am ALWAYS rather UNorganized), I headed over to Bloom.

I quickly discovered the Deer Park mini waters (called aquapods I think) were BOGO and I had the perfect coupon making them only $0.40 each for a pack! I love these for school lunches! I lucked out since they were totally gone on the shelf but next to the shelf there was a huge stack of them with another brand on top making them invisible to other shoppers (I guess).

After loading up on toilet paper, lunch meat, yogurt and Gatorade (I have 4 kids in sports right now), I checked out. I began chatting with the checker who told me all about the crazy chaos of shoppers from earlier that day.  We laughed a bit (and I was relieved it was so quiet in there) and she asked where I had been (she hadn't seem me since last month). She then asked me if I wanted a huge stack of Catalina coupons some shoppers had not wanted and left with her after they printed out!  It was the mother load!  I couldn't believe the stack was everything from $3 off toilet paper, $5 off laundry soap purchase, $1 off juice purchase, $2 off snacks...

I quickly went to my car for another round of shopping.  Gathering laundry soap, juice (and everything else that I now had a Catalina for)...and man alive did I score.  You see, you can use those along with your coupons (stacking them) and they don't go against your 20 coupons that will double.  Those were some expensive items that I really was able to save quite a bit when combined with the super doubles.

All in all I spent $29.96



Getting things such as paper towels, toilet paper, cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, vegis, juice, dog food, Tums, tons of water, Gatorade, candy, ground turkey, lunch meat, Quaker granola bars, toothpaste, chips...

I would love for you to take three things from this post:

1.  Get to know those people around store workers, gas station attendants, teachers, restaurant owners...those people in your community!
2.  Always use coupons...especially on Super Double Events!
3. Come to one of our coupon classes...STAT!

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