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Friday, September 2, 2011

You Can Do It! (And way to go, Heather!)

Way to go, Heather! I'm glad you were able to make it to Bloom so I wouldn't have to hear about your loss. :) I just wanted to add a little more to that great post of yours. I spent $20.86 and saved $284.51 yesterday at Bloom. That is almost identical to Heather's savings and you know what? I did not buy any water, Gatorade, cheese sticks, yogurt or a number of the other items she mentioned on her list, but I saved just as much!

You see, we hear from a lot of people that there are no coupons for things THEY need. I beg to differ. Heather and I have very different shopping needs yet we still save the big bucks. You can too, it just takes a little knowledge (about couponing and store policies), planning (your coupons and your pantry needs) and time! Make yourself a goal that once school starts you'll school yourself on becoming a smart shopper. It takes work, but the payoff is AWESOME!

We are now scheduling coupon classes throughout Northern Virginia for fall and winter at churches and community centers--or even in your home. And guess what? We are holding a "Back to School" Special for large groups for as low as $5 a person! You can't beat that. Contact us at to find out more and to set your date.  

Here are my totals since I started keeping track in May of this year:

spent: $336.72
saved: $2778.27

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