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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hilary Weeks New CD is Released!

Many of you know I have a famous sister, Hilary Weeks.  And I know many of you have no idea who Hilary Weeks is...

So let me introduce you!

Hilary is my older sister. Yes, you heard that right...she is older (I must have that in writing).  Okay, not by much...a mere 18 months...but older none the less!  She is an amazing singer AND song writer (I know, such talent)!  You would think having the talent to sing would be enough but no, she writes most of her music too!  And on top of all of that, she plays the piano (amazingly well)!  Oh yeah, and she is gorgeous (a little old but very good looking).

So just imagine, a beautiful person, singing...amazing songs...and playing the piano...and you will know why she is loved by so many around the world.

She has sold thousands (who knows many millions) of albums (I think this album will be her 8th) throughout the years but her current one, "Every Step," which is released TODAY, is the one she is most proud. 

Her desire is that everyone will have the opportunity to hear the message she sings...centered around Christ, His love for you...for me..for all of His children.

She hopes to bring this message to a broader audience. The Album is available on the 25th of October, TODAY! If you are a fan and want to help her out and are planning on buying the album anyways, buy it the week of the release and you can help Hilary get charted on the Christian Billboard Charts. This means you would be able to hear her music on Christian radio stations and help take her music to others that would benefit from hearing the messages in her songs.

Click here to order!

Click here to hear one of her new songs!

Click here to hear Hilary sing one of her famous "parody" songs!

 Good luck Hilary...I LOVE YOU!

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