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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Many of you have asked to see Hilary's newest video. I have to say, I am totally blown away!  The song, "Beautiful Heartbreak" touches all of us, for we all go through difficult times in this life...but it is what we do with those "heartbreaks" that makes all of the difference.

You will recognize, Stephanie Nielson in Hilary's video, who almost lost her life in a tragic plan crash two years ago and sustained burns on 80% of her body.  You can hear her story here

But how many have heard of Mariama Kallon? I heard her speak at a women's conference this past weekend in Richmond, VA. I am touched by her story.

 Mariama often says, "If someone had told that I would be here, I would have never believed it." From her Muslim upbringing in war-torn Sierra Leone to serving as a Mormon missionary on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Mariama has learned what God can do in our lives when we give our lives to Him. 

Both are amazing examples of those who have taken "heartbreak" and turned it into something beautiful. I am touched by their stories and grateful for Hilary for writing this song.

I especially love the end of the video where those people, just like you and me, who suffer heartbreak, stand firm, becoming something beautiful!

Click here to see Hilary's newest video!

Click here to order Hilary's newest CD!

1 comment:

Shelese said...

Cool! I ordered her CD just now. has free shipping today only if anyone would like to take advantage of that along with the 3 dollars off for buying her CD this week.

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