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Monday, December 5, 2011

50% off Everything at Shade Clothing with Free Shipping and Returns

I am a layerer. Let me explain . . .as a mom to three young ones there are just some areas that I do not want hanging out or want to be exposing to others when I bend down to help tie a shoe at Target. With that being said, I love all of the Shade shirts that hang in my closet. They are a little longer than most and have a higher neckline than many. I love the classic look and style of many of their items as well.

Right now Shade is offering 50% off everything with FREE shipping and returns. How can you go wrong?

One of my favorite Shade items is the Demi Cap Sleeve Tee pictured below. Let me get something straight, I do not wear it as pictured--that would scare even my own children.  I LOVE wearing these as layering pieces with other shirts or sweaters that are a little to low in the neckline or underarm area. And I also appreciate that when I wear them they do not give added bulk in the waist area as many layering pieces do.  Right now they are on sale for 2 for $16. That makes them only $8 each after the 50% discount is applied. That is a GREAT price. One that I just stocked up on.

Go HERE to check out some of the other wonderful items that Shade offers. And don't forget to enter the promo code SHADEGIFT to take 50% off your order.


Anrad said...

The code did not work for me. I was bummed. :( I called the company and left a message (they weren't open yet) and I also sent them an email. The website did not advertise the 50% off deal. The reply was that either the code was entered wrong, was not entered, or did not apply, but they would extend a credit to my account for the discount. Great customer service! They replied quickly via phone and email.

Anrad said...

When I ordered, I entered the code but for some reason it did not apply, and the order was complete. I did not see an advertisement on the website for the 50% off. I called, but they were not open yet. So, I sent an email. Customer service responded within a few hours via phone and email. I was told that either the code was entered incorrectly, was not entered at all, or did not apply to my order, but they would extend a credit to my account for the discount. Grest customer service and great products!

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