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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Check Out These FREE Online Storytime Sites

This afternoon as the boys and I were picking up my two-year-old needed something to do beside walk around behind us undoing everything we were doing--anyone else ever have that problem? So, I plopped her in front of Barnes and Noble's Online Storytime and she LOVED getting to listen to three stories read aloud to her as we finished up what needed to be done.

This month Barnes and Noble is featuring Sandra Boynton reading Snuggle Puppy. We have this book so Miss G was thrilled to have it read to her in a new and exciting way. There are currently 15 books to choose from at Barnes and Noble Online Storytime. Miss G chose to listen to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Pinkalicious as her other choices. I'm sure she'll ask to listen to another one tomorrow.

The other online storytime site that I like is Storyline Online by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. This site currently has 24 stories to listen to. Each story has related activities and more activities tabs that you can click on to further enrich the reading experience. Check these sites out and let your children explore books in a whole new way.

Here is the list of books available at Storyline Online:

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