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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Share Your Talents Saturday

photo courtesy of All The Trend Etsy Shop (Fun Pink and Green Headband)

We're trying something new. On Saturdays, we invite you share your talents with the rest of us. We think it's "hip" to be creative. You may leave a link to a craft, photo, or recipe. It may even be a musical piece that you've placed on You Tube. It can be anything that showcases your talent.

Here are the guidelines to participate:

- Please leave only one link each week.

- It must be something that you have posted this week.

- Please give a brief description of your talent in the link title field .

-Link must take readers directly to  talent mentioned--not the home page

-Must be family-friendly and related to a personal talent in some way.

We want to showcase your talents. Don't be afraid to share!


Robyn said...

you guys are so cool!

Shelese said...

This is awesome.

BJean said...

For some reason the link is not working for me. I have tried twice to leave a link and it is not showing up. Oh well.

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