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Saturday, September 18, 2010

So Far, So GOOD!!!

I hope your grocery shopping has been as fun as mine this week (and the week isn't even over until Tuesday)!

I have found some of the most amazing deals this week. Between super doubles AND Catalinas I have spent pennies! And my purse is full of gum too (I have to throw in a pack because many my balance is negative and they don't give money back)!

I just added up my receipts on my shopping trips thus far (I will be back for a few more on Monday and Tuesday...but I must REST tomorrow...thank goodness for the Sabbath).

My receipts totalled approx. $600 worth of groceries. And I spent...drum roll please....

$23.76. I had 6 shopping trips, 5 of those totaled $1.76 and the other $22 where I bought 6 gallons of milk, produce, bread, meat, etc.

Do you want to learn all about it? Join us for our next coupon class on September 29th!

Seriously, you won't want to miss it!

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